Build Meaningful Trainings like a PRO – 17, 18, 20, 23, 25 & 27 May 2022

You don’t need a degree in adult education to create excellent trainings. By engaging in this workshop, and with the Adult Teaching Toolkit and other resources, you will be able to develop trainings like a pro. This intensive 2-week workshop (meets three sessions each week (our first week we will meet Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday; our second week Monday-Wednesday-Friday) online via Zoom is devoted to helping you develop your capacity to create learner needs assessments, build a professional draft for a training that is based on identified needs. An Adult Teaching Toolkit and a Meaningful Training Template Planner will be provided to each participant, who will then select from a menu of strategies as they develop a plan to identify learning needs, and then create a plan to deliver training within their targeted organization. The facilitator will guide participants as they utilize a Backwards Design to create a holistic training program that will identify measurable outcomes, along with all of the training’s critical components (including module-level objectives, curriculum content, activities, & assessments) being aligned to achieve those established course-level outcomes.

As a result of participating in this workshop the successful learner will be able to:

1. Identify how to assess the learning needs of a group of potential learners.

2. Design a training plan that aims to meet those identified learning needs.

3. Develop a high-level training map according to a Backwards Design.

4. Develop module-level objectives, activities, & assessments that are aligned and aimed to achieve the established  course-level outcomes.

5. Identify online tools that promote learner engagement & delivery of online presentations.

6. Describe “continuous improvement” and its value in developing training.

7. Utilize the Meaningful Training Template Planner to create a succinct presentation that describes the needs,  outcomes, objectives, activities, & assessment strategies for training that you will propose (i.e. designed to be delivered to stakeholders in a given organization).

These outcomes are measurable by way of project assignments, activities, and final presentation. All scoring is based on rubrics  that identify criteria and expectations. These rubrics are embedded within each assignment and are also outlined within the Canvas “Start Here” module.

Course Requirements and Expectations

Attendance & Participation: As an adult learner in this class, you are a co-creator of the content of this course. To bring meaning to the workshop you are asked to participate in discussions, group work, and other class activities. We encourage you to attend, participate, and engage in the activities each day. Your absence forfeits the opportunity from others to learn from you.