Transforming Risk Management into a Driver of Positive Change – Advanced ERM

The turmoil in the world is intense– with unimaginable impact leading to increasing public unrest, fluctuating oil prices, natural disasters of a scale thought unimaginable, volatile stock markets and world economic uncertainty. In this time of global uncertainty how do you steer a course through these difficult waters?

 The answer is to recognise the only real link between all these events – RISK – and then to try to anticipate, manage and then deal with these risks at an enterprise level.  Most organisations have now realised that much more is needed and have developed an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach.  This has ensured that risks that were previously managed in isolation can be aggregated and prioritized across the entire business.  Advanced ERM goes one step further. Risks are scored based on business materiality with each risk being evaluated and compared by the financial, legal, reputational, and regulatory impact, and classified by the effect they could have on the business.

New understandings of risk emerge, and efficient controls can be implemented to tackle what really matters to the business, and drive competitive advantage.  In short, the focus becomes strategic risk management.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Implement appropriate and varied techniques for the identification and assessment of risks
  • Generate measurable value by aligning the ERM framework with corporate performance expectations
  • Engage the Board in the analysis of enterprise risk scenarios
  • Foster a culture that reinforces appropriate risk-taking to balance value creation and value protection
  • Clarify ERM accountabilities of all employees from executives to the front line
  • Implement key risk indicators (KRI’s) for each line of business
  • Enhance achievement of corporate objectives by linking performance targets, and risk management actions
  • Develop risk appetite statements and apply risk tolerance techniques

NOTE: This is an advanced level course and delegates should have 2 years’ experience in a supervisory, management or assurance role.

Join us on 26th (Mon) & 27th (Tue) July 2021 @ African Central Time (GMT +2) from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Participants will also earn 10 CPE credits (in the Management Advisory Services field of study).