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IFRS 17 for Insurance Contracts – 25th & 26th April 2022 – London Session

The workshop provides an overview of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 17 on Insurance Contracts and in-depth discussion on its implementation and impact.

The IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts is focused on giving a better understanding on risk exposures, profitability and financial position of companies dealing with insurance. These standards fundamentally change the accounting and reporting practices and therefore are a challenge to the insurance industry and professionals.

The correct adoption of the standard promises organisations many benefits, including enhanced investor confidence, greater consistency and transparency of financial reporting, as well as the ability to compare financial information from companies around the world. This 2-day session will ensure you get a detailed insight into this new standard and the implementation challenges involved and would include among others:

1) Overview of IFRS 17 on Insurance Contracts

2) Getting a detailed understanding on implementation and application of the            financial reporting standard

3)  Illustration and examples on the accounting and presentation aspects of the standard

4)  Disclosure requirements of the standard

5)  Assessment of the impact of new standard on various financial statements and financial metrics.

6)  The course accrues CPE credit from NASBA (USA) that not only signifies the international quality of the program but is recognised by many professional bodies and organisations for structured and unstructured CPE credit.

The delegates will not only learn about the international financial reporting standard (IFRS) 17 on insurance contracts but will be specifically sensitised on implementation issues and challenges. The delegates will be able to discuss various case studies on aspects to practically applying the standard.

Join us on the 25th & 26th April 2022 in London from 9:00am to 4:30pm.  Participants will also earn 12 CPE credits (in the Field of Accounting).

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Practical Insights to Islamic Finance – 6 to 8 June 2022 Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Usage of Islamic finance products in the global financial system is progressing rapidly. The Islamic banks are offering an expanding range of services and products to corporate. This workshop provides financial managers an overview of how Islamic banking products can be considered as an alternative to conventional banking products. finance. It explains the structure, and use of the Islamic banking products in the areas of trade finance, working capital finance, loan syndication, guarantees, letter of credit, etc.

As the global economies recover, the size of global Islamic banking assets is projected to be USD2.44 trillion by 2024. Contrary to popular belief, this growth is not limited to the middle east and southeast Asia region. Islamic banking products have seen rapid expansion in USA as well as Europe. Large banks and fund managers have started providing Islamic finance-based solutions. Interestingly, demand for such products is not limited by religious faith as they provide an alternative risk-return framework.

The worry has always been how to understand basics of Islamic finance from pure banking point of view. One need to have the knowledge of not only functioning and structure of Islamic banking products, but also how they compare with mainstream banking. Their impact on accounting and risk management are also two major sources of concern.

 This workshop addresses these concerns. You will be taken through an overview of Islamic finance before focusing Islamic banking and products. You will develop an understanding of the products, their accounting aspect, how they influence risk management process, and how they are different from a mainstream banking product.

In addition to knowledge, you will also be awarded 18 CPE credits recognised by NASBA which endorses the quality process behind the workshop.

Look forward to seeing you in Kuala Lumpur, alternatively join us Live Via ZOOM!


The workshop will be useful for anyone who has an interest in Islamic banking and finance. Apart from executives of Islamic banks, this course will be useful for finance officers, treasury managers, financial controllers, and others working in organisations having interaction with Islamic banks. Executives in audit firms and risk management service providers will also benefit from the session.  

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