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Enterprise Wide Assessment of BCP & Crisis Management

As the current global pandemic shows, possibility of a crisis severely disrupting an organization’s ability to operate looms today like never before.  Given the pace with which global threats evolve, incidents such as cyber sabotage, volatile weather patterns, terrorism attacks, and epidemics are increasingly likely.

These events all impact the ability to continue operations and meet stakeholders’ objectives and may even threaten the very existence of the business.  Being able to better recognize potential crises, effectively handle such interruptions, and return to normal operations is extremely difficult.  Gaining the capacity to do this quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of impact — to be crisis resilient — is that much harder, and the ultimate goal.

 After completing this course you will be able to

  • Understand how to become a more crisis resilient organization
  • Ensure that BCP and the crisis management plans are regularly updated to meet the ever changing risk environment
  • Develop BCP plans that cover all business functions
  • Implement an effective approach for communicating to all stakeholders through each stage of a crisis
  • Deal with extreme risk events in a more managed way
  • Build and oversee an effective BCP team
  • Complete regular crisis management audits

Join us on the 2nd & 3rd June 2021 on Central African Time GMT +2 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Participants will also earn 8 CPE credits (in the Management Advisory Services field of study).

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Best Practices in Maintenance & Reliability Excellence

Reliability at any facility is a must if we want to remain competitive in the world market place.  This is a 5 Day, fun and highly interactive program designed and delivered to build an attendee’s knowledge on global practices regardless of the learner’s starting point.  The course covers the salient points and knowledge based as outline and defined by SMRP.  The range of course discussions follow the arc of high level understanding from establishing a sound business case to budget effectiveness to exceptional maintenance practices and is not restricted to Maintenance Personnel only.  This workshop that will prepare participants to take the CMRP Certification after attending the training, should they wish to proceed.

Join us from the 7th (Mon) to 11th (Fri) June 2021 8:30am to 2:30pm GMT+8 Singapore Time and be equipped with the following comprehensive Maintenance and Reliability Framework

  • Business and Management − translating the business goals of an organization into maintenance and reliability goals
  • Manufacturing Process Reliability − ensuring that maintenance and reliability activities improve the production process
  • Equipment Reliability − both assessing the current equipment capabilities and determining the appropriate actives necessary to ensure the equipment can deliver on its intended capabilities
  • Organization and Leadership − ensuring a well-led, highly engaged and capable maintenance staff and team
  • Work Management − includes in-depth discussions and exercises on maintenance activities

CMRP 2020

Do contact our sales consultant at for more information!

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