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Best Practices in Maintenance & Reliability Excellence – 15th to 19th August 2022

Reliability at any facility is a must if we want to remain competitive in the world market place.  This is a 5 Day, fun and highly interactive program designed and delivered to build an attendee’s knowledge on global practices regardless of the learner’s starting point.  The course covers the salient points and knowledge based as outline and defined by SMRP.  The range of course discussions follow the arc of high level understanding from establishing a sound business case to budget effectiveness to exceptional maintenance practices and is not restricted to Maintenance Personnel only.  This workshop that will prepare participants to take the CMRP Certification after attending the training, should they wish to proceed.

Join us from the 15th (Mon) to 19th (Fri) August 2022 8:30am to 2:30pm GMT+8 Singapore Time (4th Run) and be equipped with the following comprehensive Maintenance and Reliability Framework

  • Business and Management − translating the business goals of an organization into maintenance and reliability goals
  • Manufacturing Process Reliability − ensuring that maintenance and reliability activities improve the production process
  • Equipment Reliability − both assessing the current equipment capabilities and determining the appropriate actives necessary to ensure the equipment can deliver on its intended capabilities
  • Organization and Leadership − ensuring a well-led, highly engaged and capable maintenance staff and team
  • Work Management − includes in-depth discussions and exercises on maintenance activities

CMRP 2020

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Permit to Work & Control of Work – 30 May, 1, 6, 8 June 2022 – Live Online Training

The question which faces many of those in the process industries is whether their plant, process or operation is “safe”.  This “safety” is concerned with the individual workers (such as slips and trips), or otherwise referred to as occupational safety, and also the potential damage if anything should go wrong with the plant or process itself, that is, process safety.

Permit-to-work (PTW) refers to management systems used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently. These are used in hazardous industries and involve procedures to request, review, authorize, document and most importantly, de-conflict tasks to be carried out by front line workers. Permit to work is an essential part of control of work (COW), the integrated management of maintenance processes. Control of work is made up of permit to work, hazard identification and risk assessment, and isolation management.

 By attending this workshop delegates will

  • Gain an appreciation of PTW and COW, use and application of permits and related risk assessments
  • Develop an understanding of the essential elements that are required in PTW and COW program
  • Develop a knowledge base from real world experience on energy isolation techniques

Who Should attend:

Managers, engineers and technicians, PTW Coordinators in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, and maintaining safety management systems, those with an interest in Safety including Safety Managers and Directors.

Come Join us from the 30th May, 1, 6, 8 June 2022 from 8:30am to 12:30pm Singapore Time GMT +8 for this Live Online – Practical Training

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